College Football Betting Tips from the ATS Experts

The ATS football betting experts have compiled a short and simple list to help you stay in the black to start out the college football season.

College Football Betting Tips1.  Use Discipline and Money Management

Using proper discipline with your money management technique is vital to surviving football betting.  The average square loses money when betting sports and it’s not only due to bad picks but also mismanagement of money.  The novice bettor will chase losing games only to lose more money with the next pick.  Lay out guidelines based on your bankroll and whether it’s using a flat betting system or our unit scale, make sure you commit to the plan and don’t veer off after losing or winning big.  Just because you hit big on the early Sunday NFL game doesn’t mean you want to double double down on the Sunday night game.  Create a plan and stick to it or you won’t last the season.

2.  Preseason Rankings are for Media Analysts and Fans

The college football preseason rankings are for nothing more than fan hype and to give the analysts on TV something to talk about before the start of the season.   Don’t buy into preseason rankings, they are fun to fan bases to get hyped but they cloud your judgement heading into the season.

3.  The Previous Season Means Very Little

The thing that makes college football great is the turnover.  Each year the rising stars of college head to the NFL and we are greeted by a new crop of freshman and sophomores that have waited their turn to get on the field.  The same goes for coaching staffs as coaches build a reputation and move on to a different opportunity.  There are few teams in the modern era of college football that are consistently good year in and year out.  Do yourself a favor and forget last season and make sure you do your homework on the upcoming season.  One player can make a huge difference to any college football team.

college football betting tips4.  Research is Key

#3 and #4 go hand in hand.  You need to spend the off season before and after the players declare for the NFL Draft committing yourself to research.  Use your contacts to learn about the new freshman class and which players will be making an impact.  Every analyst on TV wants to talk about last season’s big man on campus or star QB.  We get it, the story sells and the average fan wants to gain insight on those players. But what about the next crop of athletes that will make an impact with their respective teams?  We know about the stars but you need to know about the up and comers that will make a difference in your college football betting.  This is where an ATS Expert comes into play.

college football odds5.  Odds

Make sure you have multiple sportsbook accounts set up.  You’ll need to shop for the best sports odds you can find.  With the volume of bets pouring in each week in college football the lines will shift.  A .5 point can mean the difference between winning, losing or a push.  In reality, when you find the best odds you’ll be saving yourself money on juice over the course of a season.  This could mean the difference between profit and loss at the end of a NCAAF betting season.

These five tips should help you get control of your early season football betting. Don’t get carried away and blow your bankroll on the first weekend of college football.  Pace yourself and maintain your composure.  Our expert football picks are a great investment and it saves you the time researching.  You can’t put a price on time but you can put a price on bad information that will cost you money.

Written by: ATS Experts

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