Is Finding a Professional Sports Handicapper Right for you?

Finding a professional sports handicapper

Advice from an Expert Sports Handicapper: is finding a professional sports handicapper right for you?

Written by: Scott Riley

Sports bettors who win are few and far between.  Is finding a professional sports handicapper the key to long term profitability?

It’s a conundrum that many ATS fortune hunters face.  Sports gambling can be a great leisurely activity for all, but for the well-versed sports prophesier, it can be a lucrative enterprise.

I’ve been tipping for a moderate amount of time, professionally, but started handicapping in my early twenties.  I searched far a wide for a professional to help me with advice and found a few that were actually worth their fees.  The vast majority I found to be grasping at straws and were nothing more than glorified door to door salesman.  My experience helped launch my career, knowing that I could conduct better research and provide positive long term results.

There are sharpies and wise guys who do make a lot of money sports gambling, but it takes the ability to both line-shop and forebode the outcome of games to make it profitable.

Let there be no doubt that there are a limited number of qualified professional sports handicappers and we have several of the elite at  Unfortunately, the public will scroll through countless “experts” online and offline which can make it a very difficult search.

I have seen on Internet posting boards, for example, gamblers assign credibility to handicappers using the bottom rung criterion of merely admitting to losing days. Any coin flipper can come clean on heads when he picked tails.  When there is no tracking system monitoring your picks or keeping a online record, you can virtually create your own winning streak and not be held accountable.

ATS Experts is monitored by Verified Cappers and two other sports monitoring services to provide accountability and transparency.  A sports monitoring service is really a must for bettors to follow and trust a handicapping service.  Many feel that all sports handicappers are phonies, leading them to play out their picks in forums that are saturated by disgruntled sports bettors offering encouragement.

Sports investing is not about short term gains and notoriety.  Sports investing is about creating success during times when other bettors are afraid to bet.  Football is the most heavily bet sport in America followed by basketball and if you know your odds you’ll be able to use basketball as a springboard into MLB, or even soccer.  You may not profit every month but if you profit over the course of a season or 365 day period than you are creating success.

There is no sure thing in sports betting.  There are absolutely games where handicappers feel the odds are very much in your favor, but if it were a sure thing we would all be beating Vegas at their own game.  Vegas is very good at luring you in with some loose lines, boosting your confidence with some winning days and then all of sudden you wake up and you’ve gone bust.   There are countless stories of clients doing just that due to poor money management and becoming too greedy.

Sound familiar?  Many people get caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

Quite often I get email from someone saying that they want me to give them my premium picks for a few weeks and than if they are satisfied they will purchase a long-term package.

Could you imagine if I went in a restaurant and told them they should give me a few free meals before I determined if I will come back and buy a meal?  Ask your car salesman if you can test drive the new car for a month and then you’ll make a decision if you want to buy.

Let’s not get it twisted, many other businesses give free samples.  ATS Experts provides daily free sports picks for our members and the public.  Free weeks or months?  Let’s not get carried away, my time is valuable and I value my research and picks.  I am willing to earn your business but not give away mine.

If a expert sports handicapper is well informed, he has no reason not to flaunt it.  An educated buyer is good for both the gambler and top shelf handicapper.  But those who want to judge all professional handicappers by the actions of the most notorious are doing themselves and the true pro’s an injustice.

Luck eventually runs out for most squares.  It’s not for everyone and a lot of people let their ego get in the way of good information but investing money in the proper handicapper may be the best bet you ever made.

Verified Cappers

If you're a sports bettor you may have considered hiring a sports handicapping service at one point to assist you with your picks. Some bettors feel that hiring a professional sports handicapper would be a waste of money or feel they have the knowledge to handle their own sports betting investments. The fact is, if you're betting sports multiple days a week then a guaranteed sports handicapping service may be worth the investment and it could be the difference between showing a profit or losing your bankroll at the end of year. Verified Cappers helps sports bettors find trusted and documented sports handicapping services to advise members with their sports betting picks. Choosing a sports handicapping service can be tricky and finding a legitimate service is half the battle. Verified Cappers tracks, monitors and publishes the top performing online handicappers in NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, College Football and College Basketball. Our service provides the essential information you need to make an informed decision to find the best sports handicapper for your betting style and bankroll.

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