How We Recommend Sports Handicappers How Do We Find Today's Top Sports Handicappers?

If you’re a sports bettor you may have considered hiring a sports handicapping service at one point to assist you with your picks.  Some bettors feel that hiring a professional sports handicapper would be a waste of money or feel they have the knowledge to handle their own sports betting investments.  The fact is, if you’re betting sports multiple days a week then a guaranteed sports handicapping service may be worth the investment and it could be the difference between showing a profit or losing your bankroll at the end of year.  

Verified Cappers helps sports bettors find trusted and documented sports handicapping services to advise members with their sports betting picks.  Choosing a sports handicapping service can be tricky and finding a legitimate service is half the battle.  Verified Cappers tracks, monitors and publishes the top performing online handicappers in NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, College Football and College Basketball. Our service provides the essential information you need to make an informed decision to find the best sports handicapper for your betting style and bankroll.

How We Recommend Sports Handicappers

Verified Cappers filters sports handicapping services into two categories: Guaranteed Sports Handicappers and Unverified Sports Handicapping Services.

Guaranteed Sports Handicappers are sports handicappers or sports handicapping services that agree to display their daily predictions minutes after the start of each game.  The sports betting services on this page are exceptionally transparent and provide us with their daily sports picks to verify their records and allow for our seal of approval.  You will find that the majority of services, if not all, will offer a guarantee of some sort in providing money or credit back for picks that result in a losing bet or push.

Unverified Sports Handicappers are services or handicappers that can not be verified by our service.  The services listed on this page either do not show their picks after the start of each game or have not allowed us the opportunity to verify their records.  Until we can verify the authenticity of these services we can not recommend them to our members.

How Do We Find Today’s Top Sports Handicappers?

On our home page you can view our recommended top 4 sports handicappers or sports handicapping services for each major sport we follow.  Our software tracks the records of the Guaranteed Sports Handicappers and provides the top 4 services for each sport.  Today’s Top Sports Handicappers is updated daily to help you follow and track the sports betting services we monitor and help you find a trustworthy service.  We rank the top services 1-4 and 5-10 and all services listed will display their current overall records.

Each handicapper profile page will display a short bio introduction, a Verified Cappers rating and a price comparison.  Our handicapper rating is based on a letter scale where an “A” rating equates to a red hot handicapper that is completely verified to an “F” rating which equates to a under performing handicapper that may not be verified.

If a services price is a factor, we display a “$” value to each handicapper’s profile page.  Our value system assigns a rating from a single “$” to five “$$$$$”.  A single “$” equates to a service that offers moderately priced picks that may range from $10 to $15.  On the other end of the scale you’ll find services that have up to five “$$$$$” dollar signs.  This equates to services that offer picks at a premium which mean upwards to $100 per prediction and cater to a more exclusive clientele.  If you consider yourself a beginner or are starting with a reduced bankroll then we advise finding a handicapper that shows “$” to “$$” and if you require a service that caters to elite level sports bettors then we recommend viewing handicappers that display a value of “$$$” to “$$$$$”.

We recommend browsing our website and viewing today’s top sports handicappers to become more familiar with our service. Please contact us with any questions or if you have a website you want to recommend to Verified Cappers.

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